Upgrade Your Protein To Curb Your Cravings

Did you know that at least 90%1 of people fail to stick to a healthy diet?*

A big reason for this is food cravings.

We all get strong cravings for foods we know we probably shouldn’t eat from time to time.

These cravings are partly because our brains are wired to enjoy food, and reward us when we do something beneficial to our survival - like eating. But they may also be caused by simply not eating enough of the satiating nutrient, protein.

Numerous studies have shown that eating enough quality protein is vital for:

  • Lean muscle for both men and women*

  • Natural repair of tissue as you age*

  • Immune System and Cardiovascular health*

  • AND … keeping you satiated longer and killing those cravings*

Why is that?

Because when you eat the right protein, it accomplishes three primary hormonal functions:

  • It releases the “Satiety Hormone”, Peptide YY, to let your brain know that you’re full*

  • Peptide YY increases your sensitivity to Leptin, another satiety hormone*

  • It suppresses Ghrelin Hormone - also known as the “Hunger Hormone”*

  • It releases the “Satiety Hormone”, Peptide YY, to let your brain know that you’re full

  • Peptide YY increases your sensitivity to Leptin, another satiety hormone

  • It suppresses Ghrelin Hormone - also known as the “Hunger Hormone”

Clean, quality sources of protein can help the three hormonal functions above work for you.*

While you can get quality sources of protein from grass-fed beef, pork, lamb, free range poultry, and fish, it’s not always easy to get these into your diet.

If you find it difficult to get your daily intake of clean protein right or you want to make it easier for yourself, you can take advantage of Athletic Greens Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder.

Whey Helps To Eradicate Cravings*

Athletic Greens was created by Chris “the Kiwi”. Although a successful businessman, nutritionist and elite athlete, he’d had more than his fair share of childhood illness.

Not just childhood, but serious, chronic illness that led to adult test results that resembled those of a bowel cancer patient.

Through ten years of research with the help of a team of health and medical experts, he developed what we now call Athletic Greens - the most complete, whole foods supplement on the market.

He became his own guinea pig and took a serving every day. His digestion and gut health improved. He started waking up with more energy. His hair, skin and nails changed.*

Finally his immune system was supported and Chris was performing the best he ever had in his life.*

Well, almost the best.

As an athlete, Chris knew that uncontrollable cravings for sugary foods could damage all the hard work he was putting into building a healthier life.

He wanted to create something that could kill cravings, boost his metabolism and also taste delicious. Something that would help him, and whoever took it, unleash their healthier, skinnier more confident self that had been locked away for too long.*

So he looked for a ‘cheat food’ that forces your body to transform by helping eradicate cravings, and boosting your metabolism. The cheat food?*


Chris knew that not all protein powder is effective. He was fussy and wanted to use the right protein, one that would really work when it came to satiating cravings and burning fat.*

He decided on a slow-digesting grass-fed whey protein powder. Now he rests easy knowing he’s getting the best quality protein to fuel his body, curb his cravings, and support his overall health.*

Why Is Whey Protein The Best?

Here’s how whey protein can help you.

Protein from grass-fed animals leads to an increase in satiety as well as throughout the day, supporting blood sugars already in the normal range. The amino acids in healthy meat may also stop deficiencies in your brain that can cause you to seek out substances to “balance you out”, like sugary treats. Taking a whey protein powder can be a very powerful way of easily getting more protein in your diet to:*

  • Support the immune system*

  • Help the natural repair of tissue as you age*

  • AND kill Uncontrollable cravings to accelerate fat loss*

Taking a whey protein powder can be a very powerful way of easily getting more protein in your diet to:

  • Promote immunity (get sick less)

  • Help the natural repair of tissue as you age

  • AND kill Uncontrollable cravings to accelerate fat loss

With our busy lifestyles, we all appreciate anything that can help us get a healthy advantage.

So why is 100% Grass Fed Whey Protein better than other protein powders? Let’s look at the other options:

Soy protein powder

Soy is one of the most genetically modified grains in the United States and also contains soy estrogens that can cause chaos in the body, such as infertility, thyroid and liver disease and increased cancer risk.

Casein protein

One of the two main proteins that come from cow’s milk - some recent studies have indicated an association between casein protein and tumor development. Further, many people who have dairy intolerances are intolerant to this type of protein.

Whey protein

Luckily, whey protein is another highly bioavailable protein source from cow’s milk, without the reputation that casein has.

Quality whey protein has been linked with improved immune profiles and faster muscle recovery. Studies have shown that our bodies can absorb whey protein powder better - if from a natural source and NOT “cooked” by high temperature processing - because it maintains its amino acid composition better.*

If you’re going to take a protein powder, whey protein is probably your best option.

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Why Athletic Greens Grass-Fed Whey Protein Works

We can let you in on a secret here: Most protein makers use some dirty tricks to cut their costs and boost their profits… Unfortunately at the expense of the end consumer, you!

Here’s what they might do:


  • Source protein powders from sick cows - cows that have been held captive in unethical conditions, pumped full of antibiotics and fed genetically modified food

  • Sweeten their protein shakes with toxic artificial sweeteners - made of synthetic chemical compounds, such as sucralose, that have been associated with a variety of serious health conditions like depression, migraines, joint pain, and even major gut health issues

  • Put their protein powder through heavy processing at high temperatures, sometimes even acid treatments, effectively stripping out many of the essential amino acids, cofactors and other nutrients you need to absorb it

  • Understate the sodium content in their protein powders, some by as much as 300%2! This can cause significant bloating, which may at first be mistaken for muscle gains, but is really just water retention that can lead to digestive problems, weight gain, and even acne

So how do you go about finding a quality whey protein that doesn’t utilize any of these dirty tricks and actually gives your body a steady supply of natural, absorbable protein?

Healthy Cows

Grass Fed

Nutrient Rich

Clean Pastures


No Additives

Cold Processed

Tastes Delicious!

  • Make sure the whey protein comes from healthy cows, ideally grass-fed, free-grazing, and living in ethical conditions

  • Make sure the whey protein has been processed in a way that retains its nutrients

  • Avoid any artificial sweeteners

Basically, remember to make sure it ONLY contains healthy, natural and unprocessed ingredients, so you can do your body a favor and keep it healthy and happy!

There are a few reasons the Athletic Greens 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder is so good:

  • Handcrafted from all-natural, healthy, grass-fed cows’ whey, and sourced from the cleanest pastures of Australia and New Zealand

  • All natural ingredients that are certified GMO, pesticide and chemical-free.

  • No extra additives, or bulky fillers, like high amounts of sodium

  • Cold processed, leaving the amino acid profile intact for optimal absorption in your body, so you know you are getting the very best quality

  • Tastes delicious and mixes instantly - pick from all-natural vanilla, chocolate or banana flavors

Imagine simply drinking a nutritious supplement to provide a steady supply of natural protein that kills your cravings, speeds up your metabolism, and helps you build healthy lean muscle. It’s that easy!*

Beverly DiMare, 2017

“Incredible tasting supplement that curbs the appetite and helps one lose weight... Thanks so much!”*

Pepper, 2017

“So delicious! I use this as well as the athletic greens superfood powder. In the morning I just put a scoop of each with ice and water into an insulated tumbler and shake it up... it lasts me until well after lunch time and keeps me from snacking. Occasionally I use it after the gym as well... but he hardest part is not wanting more! It's seriously so delicious and I know I'm getting the protein I need while also making it easier to reduce daily calories without cravings.”*

Brandon Epstein, 2017

“Protein tastes incredible and feels even better. A lot of other proteins with tons of extra ingredients upset my stomach, but not this one. The Athletic Greens Whey tastes awesome AND sits very well in my stomach just like eating any other whole food.”

e.olds, 2016

“I WILL NOT use another brand for my protein supplement. I’ve been using this one about 1yr. this tastes NOTHING like any other brand. It mixes fast! The ingredients are PURE. ABOVE ALL it tastes downright delicious...sometimes when I’m having a bad craving, I literally use this shake and it works every time.”*

3 Ways To order your Athletic Greens Whey Protein

All plans come with a 60 day money-back guarantee:






Double Hit

$49.99 / Month

Athletic Greens Athletic Greens Athletic Greens

Regular Monthly Delivery of
2x Chocolate/Vanilla/Banana

Perfect if:
  • You’re looking to overcome severe deficiencies, or give yourself an additional immune system boost
  • You suffer from everyday minor stress or weight issues
  • You are unable to get good quality sun exposure on a daily basis
  • You want the best savings available for couples or families



Standard Supply

$25.99 / Month

Athletic Greens Athletic Greens Athletic Greens

Regular Monthly Delivery of
1x Chocolate/Vanilla/Banana

The daily vitamin hit you need to:
  • Cover your bases where your diet might not
  • Address moderate D3 and K2 deficiencies that already exist within your body
  • Quickly gain the benefits of the right D3 and K2 levels
  • Complement occasional sun exposure


Trial Pack

$29.99 / One Time Only

Athletic Greens Athletic Greens Athletic Greens

Single Delivery of
1x Chocolate/Vanilla/Banana

    What to expect:
  • Boosted energy within five days
  • Feel the tangible difference before signing up for a discounted subscription
  • With each daily high concentration hit of vitamins, your body will be one step closer to optimal health

Our Risk Free Order Guarantee

Our Risk Free Order Guarantee

Our customers LOVE our Grass-Fed Whey Protein. They love knowing that their bodies are getting the optimal intake of quality and absorbable protein to help them fight their cravings and improve overall health.*

We’re sure you’ll experience the same results, but if Athletic Greens® Grass-Fed Whey Protein isn’t the best whey protein you’ve tried, we’re more than happy for you to return your order within 60 days for a full refund.

Don’t Buy Athletic Greens Whey Protein If...

  • You’re confident you’re getting enough quality protein in your diet

  • You never fight strong food cravings that set back your healthy lifestyle*

  • You frequently eat enough grass-fed beef, pork, lamb, free range poultry, and fish

  • You feel you don’t need support for your metabolism, muscle and immunity health*

  • You are happy to take your chances on less potent and less effective products


  • Should I keep taking this product after my cravings have died down and I’ve hit my goals?
  • Great question. Your body will always need protein in order to help tissue repair, recovery and help those cravings. Our protein is extremely high quality and we recommend taking it in order to maintain your results.*

  • How will this product be shipped to me and how quickly?
  • We will add it to your order today and it will arrive in a few days with any additional purchases you have made today.

  • Does it taste good?
  • Absolutely. We have worked hard to make our protein taste like your favorite milkshake and we think you are going to love the taste.

  • Can I Get A Refund If I am Not Happy?
  • While our customers LOVE Athletic Greens Protein and the results they experience from using it, if for any reason at all you are unsatisfied with your purchase, just let us know and we will issue a prompt and courteous refund even on empty bottles.

  • How Does The Athletic Greens Loyalty Program Work?
  • The Athletic Greens Loyalty Program is a super-convenient way of getting Extra – Discounted Premium Grass-Fed Whey Protein sent to you in the comfort of your home, uninterrupted so you and your family never run out. The best part of all is that you truly have ZERO RISK because you can cancel at any time. Remember that you’re always protected by our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on today’s order and all future shipments. That means for whatever reason, if you no longer want the instant savings from the Loyalty Program, just call us up at 1-888-390-4029 and we’ll cancel your Loyalty Program Membership.

  • If I Choose The Discounted Loyalty Pricing, Can I Cancel Anytime?
  • Yes! If you choose to try the Loyalty Program and enjoy discounted pricing and other special offers exclusive to Loyalty Members Only, rest assured that you can cancel your shipments at any time without penalty of any kind. Remember that you’re always protected by our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on today’s order and all future shipments. That means for whatever reason, if you no longer want the instant savings from the Loyalty Program, just call us up at 1-888-390-4029 and we’ll cancel your Loyalty Program Membership.

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